What is a Healing Candle?

What is a Healing Candle?

Candles can be used for more than just scent and in appearance. Using candles as therapy can help with self-improvement, balancing your chakras, healing and cleansing. It will help strengthen your mind body and spirit. You are the most important aspect to a healing candle. without your energy and thoughts, a lit candle is just a flame and melting wax.

Candles have been around for thousands of years and have been utilized by nearly every culture. Healing candles are a form of power that when combined with your own energy thoughts and desires can lead to new and profound influences in your life. They are meant to help you with and maintain a happy healthy life through your mind body and spirit. Color choice is the most important thing when choosing a candle. This is because each color vibrates in the natural world at different frequencies. When you Choose the right colors, these vibrations work with your own energies and assist you with balancing your life, and positively affecting your Auras and chakras, while protecting you from negative energies and even helping you reach your desired goals.

Using candles for healing and metaphysical purposes has been around for about as long as fire. It is a very powerful source for the activation of more fire and light in your life. when using, the colors must respond with the healing required as the vibrational force is activated, The color emanates it’s vibrational energy and works with the vibrations of your mind body and soul to heal and cleanse you.

Just as important as color, healing stones and crystals can be incorporated into candles to enhance the healing power. Melted Mind offers gemstones in the custom candles section where you can build you own healing candle. Colors can represent many different things. To read more about the influence of colors on your life you can check out our color information page.

What do the Colors mean?

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What do the Gem Stones mean?

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